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A few days before my mom decided to be Twiggy for Valentine’s, I decided I wanted to be Marilyn Monroe for my best friend’s sister, Bettina’s, black tie debut! (I wish I had decent pictures from the party because it was beautiful… ALMOST as breathtaking as the debutante!)

Because I always have no one to take my photo, please excuse the camera. Haha!

Might as well try out the Norma Jean look while I have blonde hair! Curled my own hair with those wonderful Korean rollers I borrowed from my sister. No heat required, can you believe it??

Pretty easy look to pull off. Shimmery white lids, defined crease, soft and arched brows, highlighted brow bones, slightly winged out black liner, and signature red lips care of none other than Madame Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

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